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Pmp articles

Published Dec. Our industry is no stranger to change, but that can make it difficult to stay on top of important project management news and articles. JetBrains launches Space, a collaborative work management tool for developers. JetBrains announced the launch on its blog, saying Space is a centralized workspace for teams, designed to combat the silos often created by using multiple independent tools.

Key features include chat and team directories, as well as Git-based version control, code review, and issue tracking. Organizational change management OCM adds agility to strategy. After a decade of research, Paul J. Gartner identifies 10 strategic technology trends for The list highlights technology businesses should consider in their five-year strategic plans. Trends are grouped into two categories: people-centric the structure used to organize and evaluate the primary impact of the trend and smart spaces the physical environment in which people and technology-enabled systems interact.

Is your workplace ready for ? Work futurist Dominic Price predicts 10 trends that will become mainstream in Highly stressed employees negatively impact revenue even more. Resource capacity planning Why we should rebrand soft skills as core skills.

Technical skills which are comparatively much easier to learn and develop are the icing. In an technology-themed take on a grown-up Christmas wish, Elizabeth Harrin lists three consumer needs that she wants project management software vendors to meet inlargely by leveraging advances in AI.

pmp articles

Her wishes include: Give us more data so we can make data-driven decisions, make tools feature-rich but also usable, and automate more tasks so we have more time for people. Best practices for stakeholder engagement. Fundamentals include tailoring communication plans to the type of stakeholder and maintaining an issue log to document, track, and respond to issues and stakeholder concerns over the course of the project. KPMG cuts its in-house project management team in half.

How to write a project manager resume that jumps out. For The Muse, recruiter and HR manager Jaclyn Westlake offers a thorough five-step guide on how to write a project manager resume that stands out from the crowd and demands attention from hiring managers, with an example of a finished product. How to balance work during the holidays. Sarkis advises saying no to unreasonable and unwanted requests, avoiding overspending, and admitting when you need help.

Trello adds AI functionality. Trello, a work management solution that helps teams manage tasks and workflows on a task board, has announced several new features. Trello has over 14, reviews and a 4. Harry Hall notes that NGT is a structured method for brainstorming that is valuable for larger groups as it avoids groupthink and gives participants an equal voice. Participants individually write down ideas, which are then aggregated into a group document.

Each participant identifies what they think are the top three ideas by assigning a value using the method. The votes are totaled and the list prioritized by the items with the highest totals. Focus your sprint review on what was done, not what was planned. He recommends contrasting the backlog at the beginning of the sprint to what it looks like at the end, which helps focus on differences e. Do you measure performance on individual contributions over teamwork?

pmp articles

Basecamp launches free plan. Designed for individuals and small teams, the free plan includes three projects, 20 users, and a gig of storage.Project Management Articles. April 13, Project management software helps project managers and teams complete client requirements and manage time, budget, and scope constraints. However, with so many available options, choosing the right tool can be confusing, and people may April 9, Logs are among the simplest but most valuable tools of a project manager.

Basically, a log is a list of items with key pieces of information for each item. The use of a log April 7, Adverse selection is a term commonly used in economics, insurance, and risk management.

It is a situation that arises when two engaging parties have different or asymmetric information. The situation becomes biased when participants April 2, Organizations and businesses resort to project management so that they can deliver the exact scope of their requirements on time, within budget, and with the right quality. Project management applies all the needed knowledge, March 23, Statistics show that MacOS is just about 10 percent of the global computer operating systems market.

However, the ability of the well-designed Mac computer models to operate web-based applications has now made it a February 9, It will never be a business without a market, and in the race of marketing, one should heed the vital role of marketing digitally. Entrepreneurs should be creative and, with that, getting the right Initially with static pages only, web development technologies such as scripting language allowed for more dynamic websites and web apps.

Top Project Management Articles 2018

Now, these technologies have advanced significantly to include APIs, web development frameworks, online work According to an IDC report, almost half of IT spending by businesses in was for cloud-related expenses.

Indeed, more companies are adopting cloud technologies and setting up an online database due to the February 6, Are you designing software made for multiple tenants? Is that software designed to work on a single server? If so, you might need to perform a multi-tenancy test. Multi-tenant software exists everywhere. They can February 5, When you work in project management, all manner of project requirements can test your skills. This is particularly true of multilingual projects.

Not only do you need to consider how communication could be impacted How to Minimize Adverse Selection Risk. Top 3 Software Alternatives to Basecamp. Top 5 Construction Project Management Software in Top 3 Software Alternatives to Trello in Top 5 Project Management Training Sites.Comment 0. This overview by TechRepublic described the most important trends in project management for Related trends are increased use of analytics and global recognition of business intelligence tools in the fields where they were not used previously.

Even startups are expected to be adopting formal approaches and tools to optimize their work process. More remote teams and millennials are hired, and emotional intelligence becomes a more important factor in recruiting. Again, the article emphasizes the role of soft skills in managing projects and teams, increased use of technology, and the tendency to hire remote employees and teams. For businesses of any size, this means more training for leadership, collaboration and communication, getting more value of big data, more structured workflow, and more strategic approach to project management.

This article by describes the most common project planning mistakes that lead to missed deadlines, non-compliance with project requirements, and dissatisfied customers. It also shows ways to prevent the mistakes and reduce related risks. Being aware of these pitfalls, a manager is able to take proactive measures against them and deliver the project as planned.

In actiTIME blog, you can find more posts about project management. They cover organizational, financial, psychological and other aspects of the subject and give valuable insights into project team management, communication, leadership, and work efficiency.

Elizabeth Harrin collected stories of 5 women who found their way to become project managers, having an unrelated professional background, such as chemical engineering or radiology. The women share their stories about why they started their careers as project managers, how they learned new skills and got their certification, and what they started with.

Agile collaboration is critical for business success today due to increasing volatility and uncertainty. However, traditional hierarchical decision making and cultural rigidity gets in the way, which turns collaboration into a challenge.

pmp articles

This article offers ways to overcome this difficulty. This article points out the weak points of the Scrum methodology and shows what can work better for project delivery in product development. Concise and structural, it provides a practical advice on how to move agile project management to something more real and beneficial than just following theoretical principles. As the authors point out, Scrum, being one of the most common Agile methods, tends to be prescriptive and rigid.

Furthermore, it became controversial due to a significant number of rules that it includes. Among emerging trends for the year in project management, many experts point out that the role of soft skills grows. Communication and leadership are crucial skills that any project leader needs for an efficient work.

This article provides an overview of leadership styles and gives advice on how to get the most value out of each one.

Leadership styles specified in the article are based on emotional types of personalities. If you recognize any of them as your own style, follow the advice on how to shape your communication with your team in an efficient and comfortable way.

Mike Cohn, the author of this article, has been working as Scrum Master for over 20 years and has collected a lot of advice to share with everyone.

Some of them are quite obvious and some seem familiar from everyday life, sports or psychology, but the author explains in detail the importance of each of them for team management. Both newbies and experienced Scrum masters will find here something helpful or interesting. This applies to both managers and regular employees — everyone participating in the work process and related communication. Worth mentioning is that the client is an organization that provides IT support, so most employees involved in consulting and training were engaged in an emotionally demanding work.

The article contains a detailed description of performed work, and an overview of results.The question arises: what problem are we trying to solve by having five discrete process groups? The answer is that these processes give us an organizational background to successfully plan, execute, and manage a well-run project. With that said, let's look at each of these process groups in turn and discover why each is so vital to a project's success.

According to PMI, the process of Initiating helps to set the vision of what is to be accomplished. This is where the project is formally authorized by the sponsor, initial scope defined, and stakeholders identified.


Stakeholder identification is crucial here because correct identification and subsequent management of stakeholders can literally make or break the project.

This process group is performed so that projects and programs are not only sanctioned by a sponsoring entity, but also so that projects are aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization. Where this is not performed, projects may be started and carried out haphazardly, with no real stated goal or objective.

It should also be noted that management chooses and authorizes the project manager here. It's crucial to authorize and establish the PM early as project managers often have accountability but little authority. Strictly speaking, if you don't formally authorize a project, you don't have a project.

Project Resource Management - Project Management - PMP Certification - Edureka

A crucial element of planning is establishing the total scope of the project. While it may appear as though that was accomplished in Initiating, scope along with risks, milestones, summary and budget was defined there at a high level. Here, through an iterative and more detailed planning process, called progressive elaboration, project documents are developed at a much more detailed level. While a project team can decide which of those to choose for a given project, the message is clear: fail to plan, plan to fail.

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Too many organizations start a project with only a cursory amount of planning assuming that - one supposes - everything will fall into place. But too often, without any real or sufficient planning, chaos prevails. A significant concept in Planning is that the team is able to think the whole project through in advance. So they not only create a variety of plans but also consider all the things that might go wrong risks and how they might respond to them.

For the record, the team should also look for unforeseen things that might benefit them - called opportunities - that they can exploit. What types of plans get created? First and foremost, a project management plan, a document that guides execution of the project.

This is essential in that it becomes an overriding governance document for the entire project. Further we create baselines for scope, schedule and cost against which we can then in Monitoring and Controlling track our progress. And we continue to plan for how we will manage and engage the all-important stakeholders throughout the project life cycle. A cursory glance at the above will reveal the basic nature of what is accomplished during Planning.

It creates your roadmap, your path to success. You should no more fail to prepare these plans than an architect would fail to create a blueprint for a building. At the end of this process group, the team should have a very good idea of not only what they're tasked to do - what is in and out of scope - but also what it will take to execute the project on-time and on-budget.

Naturally, the next thing to do after Planning is to execute, to do the work. But what's important here is that we now have a project management plan to which we can execute. It helps keep us on track.

Here is where the project team starts doing the work of creating the deliverables while the project manager coordinates those resources.

Top Project Management Articles of 2018

And if that were the only thing that occurred, that might be enough. But there are several other things that must happen during executing.As a result, some of the most widely recognized technology and business publications are placing more focus on project management. So where did many of the business and technology executives and professionals frequent to find the top content of ?

We scoured the top online publications to find the 30 most widely read and shared project management articles. We included a synopsis and takeaway for each.

Check these out for some of the most well-read best practices, tips, and lessons learned. These three articles share some of the best practices and how-to articles to help your business reduce risks and avoid costly mistakes.

Summary: The article covers seven high-level project management steps to help project managers achieve on-time, on-budget, goal-focused delivery of high-profile projects, to increase their project success rates and career prospects. Takeaway: Ensuring strategic alignment, benefits realization, the linkage between strategy formulation and execution, executive sponsorship, hiring the right talent, adopting agile practices, and tackling technology disruption are keys to success.

Summary: Some IT executives and certified project management professionals share some of the most common mistakes that cause project failure and what project managers can do to keep them on track. Takeaway: Missing the following aspects should be avoided. Identification of roles and responsibilities upfront, work breakdown, task prioritization, recognition that people are a key factor in projects, poor communication, scope creep, no software or tools, and inflexibility.

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Summary: This article discusses seven goals that help project management professional become recognized by executives and stakeholders as an indispensable strategic partner. Here are two articles that provided in-depth coverage of some of the most common and recognized project management certifications.

Summary: Shares details on 11 of the most recognized project management certifications, their requirements, and fees. Takeaway: IT and business professionals can benefit from having a project management certification and demonstrate they know-how to plan, schedule, budget, execute, deliver, and then report on IT initiatives. Summary: This is a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about the eight project management certifications offered by the Project Management Institute.

Takeaway: PMI offers a wide range of certifications to meet the needs of professionals interested in project, program, portfolio, business analysis, agile, risk, or scheduling management.

These five articles provide insights into project management as a career path, some of the key roles, salaries, and future outlook. Summary: Project managers play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing projects.

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This article takes a look at a project managers roles, responsibilities, relevant certifications, expected salaries, job-seeking and resume tips. Takeaway: Being a project manager can be a challenging yet rewarding career option. Summary: A go-to guide on scrum, a popular agile project management framework. You'll learn scrum terminology, how to use the methodology in software and product development projects, and more.

Takeaway: Scrum masters are in high demand as companies continue to look for ways to get their projects completed and their products to market faster. Summary: As a project manager, being able to create value, understand how to encourage team engagement and build relationships, and gain a clearer understanding of problem-solving in other areas of business can be rewarding for you and your company.

Takeaway: Going into project management is a strategic way you can become indispensable for any company. Summary: Industries are just now realizing the true value of project management. This is expected to spur a boom in demand for project management skills in the coming decade, according to the recent report from the Project Management Institute. Takeaway: Growing demand for project-based professionals is fast fueling a worldwide talent gap, leading to substantial career opportunities in project management — and salaries that can be expected to rise considerably.

Takeaway: The ability to multi-task, understand priorities, handle unforeseen challenges, and quickly adapt to market changes is key to being a successful project manager and for creating an agile company. These two articles highlight the need for project management professionals and the value millennials are bringing to the profession and businesses as a whole. Summary: Business owners and experts share their thoughts on what millennials are bringing to the table to elevate the field of project management and how this is changing business.Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article.

Search in:. Submit Your Paper. Supports Open Access. View Articles. Track Your Paper Check submitted paper Check the status of your submitted manuscript in the submission system Track accepted paper Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article.

Order Journal Institutional subscription Personal subscription. Sample Issue. Journal Metrics CiteScore : 6. CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a given year e. Impact Factor: 4. View More on Journal Insights.

Society Links. This free service is available to anyone who has published and whose publication is in Scopus. Researcher Academy Author Services Try out personalized alert features. Recently published articles from International Journal of Project Management. The factors influencing the success of on-going agile software development projects April Investigating perspective taking when infrastructure megaproject teams engage local communities: Navigating tensions and balancing perspectives April Management of project portfolios: Relationships of project portfolios with their contexts Available online 13 March Organizing external stakeholder engagement in inter-organizational projects: Opening the black box February Our library of articles provides valuable insights into the discipline of project management.

Making snap judgements about your co-workers? Snap judgements fulfil a need in us to categorise people in everyday situations, but here's why you should stop labelling people. There's no one-size-fits all solutions for project management. In fact, project management types vary greatly. Fundera is here to break them with this a helpful visual.

Time flies. That makes time a variable that can be hard to control. What's the best way to manage time effectively? Applying these 10 tips is a good start. Six Sigma is a rigorous, focused and effective implementation of proven quality principles, incorporating elements from the work of many quality pioneers.

Are you embarking on your career or considering a career change? Plenty of people want to pursue a career in project management. Where should you start? To be a successful project manager, you must be able to manage your time well. Here are some tips that can help you manage your time more efficiently. As an offshore project team member, do you know what your project manager expects of you? If not, read on. The job of a project manager is no sinecure. Here are the five biggest mistakes new project managers make and what to do about them.


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